5 Achievable New Year’s resolutions for your home (and you!)

The New Year and resolutions go hand in hand, but finding ones that you can stick to can be tricky. To help, we’ve chosen some top New Year’s resolutions for your home that are defined by this year’s key trends and easy to keep!

Go minimalist

One of the biggest trends for 2022 is minimalist home living. There’s something almost therapeutic about creating a light and airy space by having a big clear out in the New Year. In fact, studies have found minimalism boosts mood, reduces stress and increases productivity – a very positive way to start the New Year!

You can enhance the feeling of space in your home by choosing light neutral paint colours and maximising the natural light. Opting for glass, mirrors and reflective surfaces for your kitchen worktops and flooring will all help.

Making full use of clever storage and under-used areas will help to keep your space clear, while choosing quality over quantity by selecting a few signature pieces will make your home feel much more luxurious and spacious.

Open plan living is an ideal way to showcase minimalism too!

Live sustainably

A trend which became particularly popular during lockdown and is here to stay, is sustainability. This eco-conscious trend links nicely with minimalism, as by carefully selecting what you buy, you buy less.

This trend can be adopted by making simple changes to your everyday life, as well continuing it throughout your whole home. Finding alternatives to single-use plastic, like using wax wraps instead of cling film for your lunches, remembering to take your bag for life to the supermarket, or using a reusable cup instead of takeaway cups, are all simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment.

Another big trend for 2022 is filling your home with organic, raw and sustainable materials. Glass will feature heavily in homes, in everything from room dividers to furniture and vases.

Support a healthy lifestyle

As becoming healthier featured in the top 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2022 in the YouGov and Go Compare surveys, we’re looking at getting your home ready to support your health kick resolutions (doing more exercise, changing your diet and losing weight), so it becomes a maintainable part of your routine.

Whether you want to transform the spare room into a home gym, or fully equip your kitchen with appliances to make your life easier, like a blender to make smoothies or soups, a steamer for your vegetables, a juicer or even a grill machine. Easy access to the right equipment will make your new routine easier to stick to.

Make time to switch off

With working from home now the norm for many, a makeshift desk on the dining room table is no longer a practical solution. In 2022 there will be a greater shift towards having a separate office space, to make it easier to separate work and home life.

This can be achieved by transforming your spare room into an office, or maybe using an area under your stairs. If this isn’t possible, multifunctional rooms will become key. Zoning the room with different wallpaper or paint to make a distinction between work and time to switch off really helps. As well as equipping your space with the right desk and chair, a fold away desk is a perfect solution, as it can be stored easily and free up space to entertain guests.

Reduce stress

Continuing to be popular in 2022 is biophilic design, the concept of bringing the outdoors in. Adding more greenery and becoming closer to nature, brings a sense of calm, reduces stress and enhances your wellbeing. It can be achieved by introducing more plants or through choosing a green colour palette.

Minimising screen time and making time for hobbies and the things that matter to you most, is also a great way to reduce stress.

We hope you’ll be inspired by our achievable New Year’s resolutions and find what is right for you. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!