5 common gardening mistakes to avoid during the summer

With the warmer weather hopefully here to stay, there is no better time to find out which common gardening mistakes to avoid, to keep your garden looking its best this summer.


On hot sunny days it can be tempting to overwater your plants, but this can be just as damaging as not watering them at all. 

Top tip: Water the roots, not the leaves and avoid watering at midday or the water will evaporate.

Letting weeds seed

Pulling out pesky weeds isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but leaving them to grow longer and seed is a big mistake! A single dandelion head can contain up to 150 seeds, so it doesn’t take long until you have a big problem on your hands! 

Top tip: If it’s not possible to keep on top of weeding, cut or trim existing weeds before they mature enough to grow more seeds.

Forgetting to dead-head

One of the best ways to achieve a garden full of colour is to pinch off the dead or dying blooms. The more you dead-head, the more new blooms your plants will produce. 

Top tip: Pinch off dead or dying blooms as you see them, to keep your annual and perennial flowers blooming longer.

Short grass

Although it might look neat, shorter grass isn’t actually better and you should avoid cutting it too short or you’ll run the risk of bare patches and disease. 

Top tip: If you can change the settings on your lawn mower, choose the middle one to keep your grass looking healthy.


The British summer time is never predictable, but one thing’s for sure – all plants require different growing conditions. So check whether you need a shady or sunny patch before planting.

Top tip: Make sure your plants have plenty of space and that you plant them in the correct season.

With garden parties and gatherings back on this agenda, be sure to follow our top gardening mistakes to avoid to keep yours looking beautiful this summer!