How to add a touch of luxury to your guest bathroom

Fluffy towels and beautifully-smelling shower gels and body lotions in teeny tiny bottles – there’s just something about padding around a fancy hotel bathroom that makes us feel wonderful. With a few simple styling tweaks, your own guest bathroom can be a source of everlasting compliments and 5* reviews too!

Fresh, high quality towels

There are towels, and then there are towels. Setting aside a few of your best thick and luxurious options is a great way to make an instant impression. Pair them with some matching face clothes and hand towels for the complete package.

Toiletries to stock your vanity

A beautiful selection of high-end toiletries is one of the most lavish additions you can make to your guest bathroom. Think glorious smelling soaps, lotions, serums, bath salts and shampoos and conditioners to turn the room from feeling purely functional to something much more special.

Signature scents

Scented candles, sprays and diffusers are a great way to add a touch of luxury and instil that sense of calm you want to achieve in any bathroom. A traditional suite will benefit from bright, floral scents, while bold floor-to-marble designs may suit a ‘muskier’ option.

Beautiful flowers and plants

Everyone likes the smell of fresh flowers. They’re a styling essential for every room in the home but a small bunch in your guest bathroom can help to brighten up the entire room. Not all flowers will be suited to the high-moisture environment; species such as orchids or aloe vera are often best – or even faux flowers for a low-maintenance, no-fuss option.

Stunning displays

What sets the hotel experience apart is that not only are all of these items listed above available to hand, they’re also immaculately displayed. In your guest bathroom, we recommend making the most of open storage solutions such as shelves and baskets to store larger towels and toiletries, and small jars for cotton wool and soaps.

With just a few simple tweaks, you can create a calm, relaxing guest bathroom that your visitors will love. Keep our ideas in mind and put your own spin on them to give your space a whole new look!