How to maximise natural light in your home

Natural light is said to be the number one feature people look for when buying a home, according to a study by door, window and blind manufacturer, Origin Global. It helps to create a desirable feeling of space and increase the value of your home.

Having lots of natural light will not only help to save on energy bills, but it’s known to be good for your mood and well-being, as unlike artificial light it boosts feel-good serotonin levels.

So, we’ve put together some simple ways to maximise the natural light in your home and help you feel the benefits:

Room layout

Making the most of the natural light as it moves around your house is really beneficial. Experts recommend tracking the sun and eating breakfast in an east-facing room and spending evenings in a west-facing space to capture the sunset, to make full use of the sunlight.

Having main living rooms with large windows, or a conservatory, backing onto a south-facing garden, will help to make the most of the warm natural light and bring the calming influence of the outside in.

Open plan

By opening up your living area, you share light across the space and get rid of dark areas. We looked at the benefits of open plan in one of our previous blogs.

Making sure you declutter the rooms to let the light travel and position the furniture so it doesn’t block light coming in from the doors and windows will also really help.

Light paint

Avoiding statement wallpaper and dark colours in favour of bright white paint and choosing a satin finish instead of matte, will help to reflect more light.

If you find brilliant white too cold, you can opt for a warmer off-white shade or cooler tones of light grey. Keeping the ceiling colour a couple of shades lighter than walls will help to create an illusion of height and space.

If you would like to add some more colour, you can introduce soft pastel accents without changing the spacious atmosphere and lighting within your home.

Paint eaves white

The eaves are often an area that is overlooked, but painting the eaves white will reflect much more natural light into your rooms. A white window trim will also help, whilst creating the illusion of a larger window and a brighter space.

High gloss

We’ve already touched on avoiding matte paint in favour of a satin finish, but high gloss can also be used effectively on more than just the skirting boards. Using it on your walls will help to reflect light and transform the dark problem areas in your home.


Featuring glass heavily in your home is a big trend for 2022; we’ll see it in everything from glass walls and dividers, to reflective tiles and glass accessories.

Changing solid wood doors is an easy way to let in more light and there are plenty of options. Many people are opting for doors fitted with glass windows for added light.

You could also choose bi-folding or patio doors – both of which are very popular – that open up onto garden areas to maximise the flow of light through your interior.

Reflective features

Adding small touches like shiny drawer handles or mirrors, or statement chandeliers will all help to maximise natural light. Positioning shiny objects opposite windows will help to reflect the most light into the room.


The style and colour of the furniture you choose can make a big difference. Furniture that allows light to travel underneath, such as sofas with legs, or wrought iron or glass tables, all help to create more light and space.

Switching from dark furniture and accessories to lighter shades and angling your light coloured furniture towards the sun will also help to reflect the light.


Skylights provide consistent light and are unlikely to be overshadowed by outdoor objects, allowing plenty of natural light to stream through into your rooms.

The right flooring

Choosing flooring that will reflect light, such as a polished wood finish or light coloured carpet, is a great way to brighten a room. If you have a darker wooden floor or carpet, you can brighten up the space by adding light coloured rugs.

Reduce foliage

A bit of garden maintenance will stop your sunlight from being blocked. Cutting back branches, leaves and climbing plants, will leave your doors and windows clear for plenty of light to enter your rooms.

Clean windows

Something as simple as clean windows will let much more light filter into your home. You can draw your attention to the natural light by making a window the focal point in your room.

Window dressing

How you dress your window will make a big difference. Avoid thick dark curtains, which will block light from entering your home and choose lighter fabrics, such as white, to help reflect the light well.

Going without blinds will let much more light in, but if glare is an issue, wide slat shutters or sheer curtains are a great alternative.


Light colours and sheer fabrics are best for home accessories. Cotton, linen and lace will make your room feel much more open and bright, compared to heavy fabrics like wool, velvet and fur which will absorb light.

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