Are you ready to rightsize? Here are 4 signs

We’ve all had time to reflect on what we need from our lives over the past year, so it’s no surprise to see that many families are making the choice to rightsize and move to a home that better fits their lifestyle. Could now be the perfect time for you to up sticks, too?

Does your home feel too big or too small?

It seems an obvious question, but it’s one that many homeowners ignore for far too long. A three-storey home with 5 bedrooms and a bathroom on every floor may be what you’re used to, but it’s unlikely to be suitable now if your children have flown the nest. On the flip side, if you have a growing family and are finding yourself cramped up, moving to a larger home with a lovely spacious garden could be exactly what you need.

Are you working from home?

If you’ve swapped the daily commute for working from your dining table, you might want to consider moving to property which affords you ample space to create your own home office. Without the commute, you may even be able to move to an area you’ve always dreamed of living in, but never had the chance to!

Do you crave more time with friends and family?

Between dinner parties, birthday celebrations and summer BBQs, it might be that your current home is too small to accommodate all your family and friends. If you rightsize to a property that is better suited to your lifestyle, it will mean that you get to spend more time with the people you love. We’re thinking large gardens, open plan living and plenty of bedrooms!

Does your home require lots of work?

Whether you can’t justify the cost or simply don’t have the time, dealing with extensive refurbishment at home while you’re still living there can take it’s toll. This is where new build properties shine! Big or small, every bit of DIY at a new build home has been completed for you, leaving you to simply move in, sit back and relax.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, chances are it could be time to rightsize! Here at Mulberry Homes, we are committed to developing forever homes for our buyers. Each property is individually designed to suit your own unique specifications, creating a space that reflects your lifestyle down to the very last detail.

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